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Leonberger Dog Breed Standard Information

Describe, what is Tibetan Mastiff dog bread?

The Tibetan Mastiff is a huge and regal-looking dog that was first developed in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. Its origins are unknown.

They are one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, and for thousands of years, they were utilized for the purpose of providing protection for households, livestock, and monasteries. They can still be found carrying out this function in today’s world, although most commonly they are kept as pets by families.

Because they are not actually mastiffs, the Tibetan Mastiff is a misnomer for this breed of dog. When Europeans first started traveling to Tibet, the locals named the breed a mastiff since it was the term that was given to all huge breeds in the Western world at the time.

They weren’t taken to the rest of the Western world until 1847 when they were imported to England and put into the first studbook that The Kennel Club ever published.

The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff is one of the breeds that produce some of the most expensive puppies in the world. At the time of its sale in China in 2014, a golden-haired Tibetan mastiff puppy was said to have sold for just under $2 million, making it the most expensive dog in the world at the time.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a primitive breed of dog and is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds seen anywhere in the world. Historically, they resided in certain regions of the world, and as a result, their genetic makeup was unaffected by interbreeding since they met other canines so infrequently.

Primitive dog breeds are considered to represent a link between domesticated dogs and their wild predecessors. Many primitive dog breeds also share comparable characteristics of their personalities. Primitive dogs, like their wild forebears, only have one litter every year, as opposed to the two litters that domesticated dogs have each year.


Personality and defining traits of the Tibetan Mastiff

As a result of their intimate association with people over the course of hundreds of years, Tibetan Mastiffs have acquired a disposition that is devoted and kind.

Strong-willed and self-sufficient are common traits among older canine breeds, including mastiffs, who are often known as “mastiffs.” As guard dogs by nature, they are extremely protective of their owners and their families, yet they are apprehensive of and standoffish toward outsiders.

They are not the breed with the most difficult temperament to teach. They are ideally suited for seasoned and self-assured owners due to the nature of the breed itself. Because of their independent and clever character, they do not respond well to the conventional obedience training methods. It is essential for a young dog to have a positive early socialization experience with both people and other dogs.

They are able to be wonderful additions to families and, provided that they are socialized with children from an early age, they won’t be afraid of them. Because of their size and demeanor, they will be best suited to households with older children who are able to comprehend and learn how to communicate and behave correctly while they are around them.

Because of their lineage as watchdogs, they take great pleasure in being outside and require at least one hour of moderate activity every day. Because they are of a huge breed, the ideal environment for them is a home that provides a lot of room, as well as a large, fenced-in yard or field where they can run around and play.

They are not a breed that requires a lot of exercises that are focused on action, such as retrieving a ball from a distance. They are at their happiest when they are outside guarding their domain.

They should not be overexercised while they are young since this can cause joint problems, which are more likely to occur in large breeds of dogs.

Insurance for Tibetan Mastiffs as companion animals

With ManyPets, the annual premium for insuring a Tibetan Mastiff was around £1188.07 in 2021. Since the average cost of insurance for all of our dog breeds was £474.77, the cost of insuring a Tibetan Mastiff was much more than the average. The fact that Mastiffs are an uncommon breed in the UK contributes to the fact that their prices are higher. In 2021, we were only able to insure 19 of them.

The Tibetan Mastiff is a huge dog breed, and it is common knowledge that insurance for larger dogs is more expensive than insurance for smaller dogs. Because of their size and weight, bigger breeds like mastiffs might be predisposed to developing a variety of hereditary problems.

If you have more than one pet, look for an insurance policy that would give you a discount for having more than one pet. People who have more than one pet and want to insure them all can benefit from this.

If you choose to pay a larger excess, you might be able to reduce the overall cost of your insurance policy; but, this will also mean that you will be responsible for paying a greater portion of any claims you make.

Varieties of the Tibetan Mastiff and their colors

The Tibetan Mastiff has a double layer of fur. A substantial woolen undercoat and a more substantial woolen top coat. Their fur may be found in a wide range of colors, some of which are as follows:

  • Black
  • Combining black and tan
  • Pale red
  • Brown
  • Deep red


In the 1840s, the German village of Leonberg was the birthplace of the Leonberger breed of dog. According to urban legend, the enterprising dog breeder Heinrich Essig wanted to develop a breed of dog that resembled the heraldic lion that was shown on the town’s crest. He was successful in his endeavor. According to legend, Essig was the one who created the Leonberger by crossing Newfoundland with a Saint Bernard and a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The unusual coloring of a Leonberger, which ranges from pale cream to a rich red coat and is topped with a black sibling and mask, is not, according to the findings of a recent study, a result of this genetic mix acting alone. Therefore, it is quite possible that Essig utilized other indigenous breeds.


The Leonberger is a huge breed of dog with a long, thick coat. Their coats can range in color from a light cream to a deep red, and they have black tips and masks. The average height of a female Leonberger varies from 65–75 centimeters, while the average height of a male Leonberger ranges from 72–80 centimeters at the withers.


The thick double coat of the breed has to be brushed once a week in order to maintain it free of knots; however, the coat of a puppy may require more attention to detail. During the periods of the year when Leonbergers molt, they are in need of additional grooming. It may be necessary to perform daily brushing on some problem areas, such as behind the ears, the leg feathering, and the tail. In order to maintain the natural appearance of the coat, it is not clipped or groomed for the show ring. Because their fluffy feet might attract seeds, it is important for owners to understand how to properly trim their dog’s feet on a regular basis.

The Leonberger is a very active breed, especially for a large dog, and it likes going for frequent walks, going swimming, or going to the park or the beach. When it comes to developing, this breed demands a diet consisting of high-quality food and activity that is well supervised. It is important to factor in the costs involved since it will be more costly to take a large dog to the groomer and pay for its veterinary care.


Although the Leonberger is a breed that generally enjoys good health, there are a few problems that are associated with the breed that should be checked for. Cataracts of the Stars and Leonberger Polyneuropathy are two examples of this (LPN 1). Hip and elbow scores should also be performed on breeding dogs. Under the coat of virtually every dog with a double coat, “hot spots” are prone to developing. A healthy diet, an appropriate amount of exercise for young dogs, and a delay in desexing until the animals have reached maturity are all things that can help reduce the likelihood that they will suffer joint problems later in life.


Because of its primary purpose as a companion animal, the Leonberger is not a breed of dog that does well when left alone for lengthy periods of time. It is clever and can be readily trained, but because the breed is prone to becoming bored with repetition, training sessions should be kept upbeat and exciting. The Leonberger is widely known for its adoration of young children, but it also works very well with solitary people and older people. In a nutshell, a Leonberger is an excellent choice for any person or family that is prepared to include it into their daily activities.

To sum everything up

Since you now know a little more about the Leonberger, you might be thinking that this is the breed of dog that is best suited for you. Please be sure to get in touch with the breed club or the state agency responsible for governing purebred dogs in your area before you make a decision. They will be able to provide you with information on the pups that are currently available, as well as provide recommendations regarding dog shows at which you may see the breed in question and interact with breeders. You will have a greater understanding of the Leonberger and its requirements, as well as whether or not this breed would be suitable for your way of life, if you do this.

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