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Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed Standard Information

Have you ever considered what it might be like to physically look your dog in the eye? When you have the Irish Wolfhound on your side, you will go quite close to the target. The average height of a dog of this breed is at least 30 inches, making them the tallest of all dog breeds and allowing you to have an even better view of their adoring gaze. (Also, you won’t have to worry about dusting the coffee table ever again since Irish Wolfhounds are large enough for their tails to reach over and do it for them.) They have a huge amount of affection for others, remain loyal to those they care about and are fiercely independent. After a day of playing and hanging out with your best friend, you and your Irish Wolfhound will both need some room to stretch out and recover at the end of the day. Therefore, you should go ahead and make that upgrade to that two-piece sectional sofa you’ve had your eye on.

Irish Wolfhound Dog Breed

The History of the Irish Wolfhound

When it comes to the history of the Irish Wolfhound, one needs to go no farther than the dog’s name. They are known as hounds, they are native to Ireland, and they were used to hunt wolves. However, to provide a few additional characteristics, the Irish Wolfhound is a breed of dog that dates back centuries, has been highly esteemed over those years and is featured prominently in numerous Irish folktales. Due to their height and stature, they were good companions during fights, missions, and other forms of ordinary adventuring.

They had a special reputation for their skill as wolf hunters in Ireland during the 1400s, but by the time the 1700s rolled around, the nation was completely devoid of wolves. As a direct result of this, the population of Irish Wolfhounds has shrunk to an extremely low level. The Irish Wolfhound breed was in jeopardy of extinction in the 1800s, but happily, there was a resurgence of interest in the preservation of the species during that time.

The Irish Wolfhound breed was officially acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in the year 1897, and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America was founded in the year 1926. The AKC’s ranking of the most popular dog breeds places Irish Wolfhounds at the 74th position overall.

Do you want to complete your household with an Irish Wolfhound? On the website of the American Kennel Club, you can discover a list of trustworthy breeders to choose from. The price of an Irish Wolfhound puppy can range anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500. This is the typical cost. But for that price, you often receive a dog that has been checked for any potential health and behavioral problems, and some of them even come with papers proving their lineage. You may also adopt an Irish Wolfhound by contacting rescue groups that specialize in the breed or by keeping a look out for dogs of that breed at the local animal shelter in your area.

Good For

Because of their big size, Irish Wolfhounds require homes with a great deal of room; otherwise, they are liable to run into things and cause damage to anything that is fragile. They are best suited for households with children of older age as well as pet owners who are familiar with the obstacles that come with owning an extra-large dog.

Bread: Its Qualities and Traits

On a scale from one paw (low) to five paws (high), the following are the characteristics that may be expected when rearing an Irish Wolfhound (high). These characteristics were evaluated by a number of professionals that specialize in animals as pets, such as a dog trainer, veterinarians, and behaviorists. It is important to keep in mind that dogs are individuals and that not all dogs, even those of the same breed, will behave in the same manner.

The Appearance of Bread

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all the canine breeds that are recognized by the American Kennel Club. This is a characteristic attribute of sighthounds, who are distinguished by their ability to hunt by sight and speed. They are strong, powerful, and graceful. These gentle giants are romantics at heart, despite the fact that their size alone sometimes makes them appear to be a little scary. However, all it takes is one look into their open, peaceful demeanor to understand this.

Characteristics of an Irish Wolfhound

If you’ve ever entertained the notion that you and Chewbacca may strike up a friendship, you’re in luck: It’s possible that having a best friend in the form of an Irish Wolfhound, which is known as the “gentle giant” of the dog species, is the next best thing. These puppies are kind, loving, and incredibly loyal to you—even more so than Chewbacca was to Han Solo—and will do anything for you. Nevertheless, in spite of all of this dedication, their sighthound instincts can persuade them that their agenda is more important than yours when it comes to activities like as napping, counter surfing, or watching squirrels.

If properly taught, Irish Wolfhounds can adjust to sharing their homes with other animals, including cats and dogs. It truly relies on the dog in question as well as the training it has received to determine whether or not it is trustworthy among cats given its background as a hunting dog. Because of their size, Irish Wolfhounds are best suited for families with older children. While these dogs are normally friendly toward children and like spending time with them, it is possible that your canine companion might inadvertently knock over a younger child while they are playing. (And keep an eye out for the puppy that’s trying to bite you because as they grow up, they have a powerful biting force.)

This breed does not tend to be violent and exudes a calm personality; in addition, it is an athletic canine that enjoys running. However, despite the fact that their characteristics and characteristics were well suited to their original job (that of a talented and skilled hunting dog), modern dogs are much more likely to be talented and skilled couch potatoes if you let them. If you don’t let them, they may even become talented and skilled guard dogs.

Instructions on How to Take Care of an Irish Wolfhound

It is important to consider the Irish Wolfhound’s size when making decisions regarding their nutrition as well as their training because this breed is a true mountain of a dog. Even Irish Wolfhound puppies are large in comparison to the puppies of most other breeds, which means that their owners will need to begin training them at a young age, when they are still at a size that can be controlled. However, you shouldn’t be too concerned because their grooming requirements aren’t quite as extensive as their bodies, and they tend to lose very little fur.

Wellness of the Irish Wolfhound

The average lifespan of an Irish Wolfhound is between 6 and 8 years, and owners need to be aware of a number of potential health problems in order to maintain their pet in good shape. It is essential to be aware of the fact that the cost of veterinary care for a dog of this size may be rather high. Because of their size and weight, they may require help in order to move around if they become ill or wounded, which can be a considerable hurdle to overcome. These gentle giants are well worth the additional care that must be provided for them, but if you do decide to welcome one into your house, you should be aware of the following potential problems:

Bloat is a disorder that frequently affects large or deep-chested dog breeds and is more likely to occur in Irish Wolfhounds than in other types of dogs. When a dog has bloat, the dog’s stomach may twist, which can lead to a life-threatening situation that needs to be corrected by surgery. A dog that is suffering from bloat may display restless behavior, the stomach will become inflated, and the dog may attempt to vomit but will not be successful. The good news is that there is a preventative surgery that can be performed, which will assist get rid of the condition. One such method of protection is to keep your dog from being active right after it has been fed, and to provide your canine companion with more frequent, smaller meals using a feeding dish that allows for slower consumption.

Liver shunts are an aberrant sequence of blood arteries that circle a dog’s liver and have the potential to cause seizures, confusion, stunted growth, and poor muscular development. Before moving to their new home, an Irish Wolfhound puppy should ideally have a screening for hepatic shunts performed by the breeder where they were bred. Modifications to the patient’s diet, in addition to antibiotics and medicine, are part of the treatment plan for the illness.

Bone Cancer: More technically known as osteosarcoma, bone cancer is frequent in Irish Wolfhounds and often affects just one leg at a time. This type of cancer is more properly known as osteosarcoma. Even though there are a variety of various treatment options available, including radiation and chemotherapy, and even though genetic research is being performed to assist breeders in reducing the number of instances, the illness is typically quite serious.

Pneumonia: Certain Irish Wolfhounds have a higher risk of developing recurrent pneumonia, which can be difficult to diagnose but is essential for owners of pets to notice early on. Antibiotic treatments are rather popular, but there is no guarantee that they will prevent the illness from occurring again.

If you want to make sure that your dog has the greatest possible health, you should get your puppy from a breeder who is responsible and works hard to limit the danger of genetically-linked sickness.

Irish Wolfhounds have personalities that are warm and kind, and they are able to provide their owners and families a great deal of happiness as a result. Bear in mind, however, that the lifespans of these dogs are on the shorter side. It’s tough to get over the death of a terrific dog at such a young age, especially if you have small children in your household. The joy that these dogs bring to their owners’ lives makes whatever sacrifice they may have to make more than worthwhile. Nevertheless, longevity is a significant feature that should be considered while selecting the breed that is most suitable for you.

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