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Top 22 Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing

Pit Bulls are a wonderful family and security dog since they are strong and adorable. But the outcomes are frequently amazing when you combine these gorgeous puppies with different breeds!

Don’t trust us? Just take a look at a handful of these cute blends!

For these mixtures, keep in mind that we’re talking about cute American Pit Bull Terriers, not just any breed with a Pit Bull-like appearance. Furthermore, even though we named these breeds by their individual names, many designer breeds have a variety of names.

For instance, we called the Pit Bull/Shar-Pei combination a Sharpull, but the Pit Pei is also a frequent moniker for this breed. Just be aware that there are various names for these lovely Pit Bull mixes—neither is incorrect!

The 22 Cute Pitbulls

1. Bull Beagle (Beagle x Pitbull Mix)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Bull Beagle (Beagle x Pitbull Mix)

The Beagle Bull is sweeping the globe with its charming Pit Bull and Beagle attitude and floppy Beagle ears. Despite being a little rebellious and spirited, they are simple to care for. Before adopting, just be aware that the dog will want lots of exercises; walks and even the odd jog are essential!

2. Dox Bull (Dachshund x Pitbull Mix)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Dox Bull (Dachshund x Pitbull Mix)

Although it’s an unusual match, can you deny how lovely the outcome is? Having a big head and a lengthy body gives them a quirky yet adorable appearance. Despite this, Dachshunds are a breed that is notoriously difficult to train, and their coats can vary from dog to dog since there are three distinct coat types that Dachshunds can have.

3. Pitador (Labrador x Pitbull Mix)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Pitador (Labrador x Pitbull Mix)

If you obtain a Pitador that has kept some of the Labrador Retriever in them, you’ll have one of the most devoted canine companions on the face of the earth. However, keep in mind that both Pit Bulls and Labrador Retrievers are quite high-energy dogs, so you should be prepared to take these dogs out for a significant amount of physical activity on a regular basis.

4. Pituahua (Chihuahua x Pit Bull Mix)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Pituahua (Chihuahua x Pit Bull Mix)

The Pituahua, which is a hybrid between a Pitbull and a Chihuahua, is a dog that comes from unusual breeding. It all depends on which parent the puppy takes after, but a Pitbull can weigh as little as 15 pounds or as much as 35 pounds. The average weight of a Pit​bull is somewhere in the middle. They get along wonderfully with families, children, and other animals. They really want to be a part of everything that’s going on!

5. Aussie Cattle Pit (Pit Bull x Australian Cattle Dog)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Aussie Cattle Pit (Pit Bull x Australian Cattle Dog)

These spotted puppies are among the cutest ones you can find everywhere. On the other hand, they have an extremely high amount of energy due to the fact that they have the hyperactive behavior of a Cattle Dog combined with the playful character of a Pit Bull. However, keep in mind that the Australian Cattle Dog is a working dog that needs a job to complete and needs a goal to strive toward.

This charming combination is only recommended if you have a large amount of property on which you can allow your Aussie Cattle Pit to wander freely for long periods of time.

6. Golden Pit (Golden Retriever x Pit Bull Mix)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Golden Pit (Golden Retriever x Pit Bull Mix)

Golden Retrievers are known for their unwavering devotion and make excellent companions for Pit Bulls. You will be rewarded with a dog that is affectionate and dedicated, but this breed has a lot of energy to burn. They also fall under the category of being on the bigger side of things. Make sure to give them a lot of room to move about and discover their surroundings.

7. Pitsky (Pit Bull x Husky)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Pitsky (Pit Bull x Husky)

There aren’t many dog breeds that have as large of a cult following as the Husky and the Pit Bull, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their popularity is so high. The look of these canines might vary greatly, but their intelligence and faithfulness are always the same. They can inherit either the coat pattern of a Husky or the coat pattern of a Pit Bull, and they can also get the more unusual eyes of a Husky.

Pitskies are wonderful companions for older children and families, despite the fact that they may be somewhat headstrong at times. However, they may be wonderful additions to the family provided you have enough room for them.

8. Pug Pit (Pit Bull x Pug)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Pug Pit (Pit Bull x Pug)

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of a Pug Pit before, but once you see one in person, you’ll understand why they’re such a big deal. These puppies may have an unusual appearance, but they are exceedingly attractive, making them the ideal choice for people who live in homes with little floor space.

They still require a significant amount of physical activity, and you should monitor how well they are breathing. If they have the face of a Pug, which is characteristically short-nosed, you need to exercise considerable caution with them.

9. Box Bull (Boxer x Pit Bull Mix)

Cute Pitbulls In 2022 That Are So Amazing - Box Bull (Boxer x Pit Bull Mix)

Box Bulls are not for those who are easily intimidated. They can be brought under control by dog owners with experience, but their natural tendency is to want to take the lead. Despite this, they are extremely obedient and strong dogs, qualities that make them good choices for security dogs for the home.

Keep in mind that they require a significant amount of physical exercise, perhaps from one to two hours on a regular basis!

10. Porgi (Pit Bull x Corgi)

Porgis are among the most stunning mixtures of Pit Bulls and other breeds that are now available. Keep in mind, however, that the Corgi is a herding dog, which means that they have the ability to nip at children in order to direct them. You are able to break them of this behavior through training, and it is essential to do so as quickly as owing to the stronger jaw of the Pit Bull breed.

When they have been properly trained, they take on a jovial temperament and are a delightful member to add to any household.

11. Collie Pit (Pit Bull x Border Collie)

There are very few dog breeds that are as smart as a Border Collie, and when you cross that breed with a Pit Bull, you get a dog that is both incredibly devoted and exceptionally smart. However, despite their exceptionally high intelligence, Border Collies also have an exceptionally high activity level.

12. Great Danebull, number 12 (Pit Bull x Great Dane)

Do you want a huge dog? The Great Danebull is a wonderful option to consider. These puppies, who are a combination between a Great Dane and a Pit Bull, have the potential to grow 90 pounds and 28 inches in height, making them one of the largest Pit Bull hybrids that are currently available. But don’t be fooled by their big size; they’re really little lapdogs at heart, and they adore getting attention.

They are wonderful members of families and, in most cases, get along well with other animals as well. Bear in mind, however, that because to their bigger size, they pose some risk to smaller animals, even if it is just the possibility that the smaller animals will walk on them by accident.

13. Pit Shepherd (Pit Bull x German Shepherd)

The Pit Shepherd is an excellent choice for a security dog because of its intelligence and unwavering devotion to its master. Bear in mind, however, that due to their proneness to exhibiting irrational behavior, these dogs are best suited for ownership by those who have previous canine ownership experience. They do not have a lot of patience, which is another reason why they are not the greatest people to have around children.

14. The Bully Hole (Pit Bull x Bull Dog)

There aren’t many breeds of dogs that have as much variation in size as Bully Pits do. On the smaller end, they can weigh as little as forty pounds, while on the bigger end, they can go up to a hundred pounds! They are high-energy dogs who need to be active for at least an hour each day, and oftentimes for much longer than that.

In spite of the fact that they look to be more aggressive, they are actually rather docile and devoted family pets, making them a good option for households with children.

15. Sharpull (Pit Bull x Shar Pei)

Sharpulls are a relatively recent combination, and both their physical appearance and their personalities can vary greatly from animal to animal. You should expect to obtain an independent and defiant dog out of this breed, but if you are persistent, you will be successful in training them.

Even though they shed a significant lot, these dogs require just a moderate amount of grooming and care. They are dependable and wise, which makes it simple to see why they are held in such high regard.

16. The Chow Hall (Pit Bull x Chow Chow)

If you breed a Chow Chow with a Pit Bull, you can end up with a dog with the extroverted and devoted personality of a Pit Bull, or you might end up with the reserved and cautious temperament of a Chow Chow. Because it is impossible to anticipate what you are going to get in advance, it is of the utmost importance to get to know the dog in question rather than depending on facts pertaining to the breed in general.

17. Aussie Pit (Pit Bull x Australian Shepherd)

The Australian Shepherd is a breed of dog known for its extraordinary intelligence and loyalty. You can expect a devoted companion and a sharp mind from your Aussie Pit, regardless of which parent breed it takes after. However, they also have a very high level of energy, and they function at their best when they have lots of freedom to wander.

18. Pitweiler (Rottweiler x Pit Bull Mix)

Pitweilers are known to be good guard dogs; yet, they do have a tendency to be headstrong at times. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you should not attempt to keep a Pitweiler as a pet. These canines may weigh up to 100 pounds, which gives them a frightening appearance while still giving them an endearing quality. However, if you get beyond their streak of stubbornness, they are rather simple to educate since they are exceptionally intelligent.

19. Boston Pit (Pit Bull x Boston Terrier)

A Boston Pit is an excellent option for anyone, regardless of whether they have children or live by themselves. Despite the fact that they are able to adjust to apartment life, they still require a significant amount of physical activity. Take into consideration that if you live in an apartment, you will need to spend much more time taking your pets for walks and letting them out of the flat.

20. Pitmation (Pit Bull x Dalmatian)

The Pitmation is a stunning breed of dog, but they may have a bad temper. Because they demand a strong hand when being trained, it is advisable to leave them in the hands of owners who have previous expertise. If you have the time and patience to teach them, however, they are exceptionally loyal canines who make great guard dogs.

21. Mastibull (Pit Bull x Mastiff)

Do you believe that other mixed breeds containing pit bulls are also quite large? Wait till you see everything the Mastibull has to offer. These friendly giants may easily weigh more than 70 kg! They are devoted to their families and are wonderful with children, but due to a Mastibull’s big size, you need to exercise caution around children who are very young.

Keep in mind that just because they are big does not imply that they do not require a significant amount of physical activity. They require a significant amount of time and area to wander, so you will need to provide them with some terrain that they may investigate.

22. Doberman Pit (Pit Bull x Doberman)

Doberman Pits are among the few puppies who seem as majestic as they do. However, this dog has a lot of activity, and despite his royal demeanor, he does not enjoy being trained. You should be aware that a Doberman Pit is a difficult dog to teach, despite the fact that it is possible to get through to them if you are persistent and maintain a firm hand.

These canines are not only difficult to train, but they also have a remarkable amount of intelligence. When it comes to training, you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking that you can simply outwit this dog.

23. A Few Parting Thoughts

Pit Bulls, in general, receive an unfairly negative reputation, but the reality is that these dogs are extremely devoted, affectionate, and wonderful companions for families. It should come as no surprise that pet owners are mating Pit Bulls with a variety of other breeds in order to maintain all of the excellent characteristics that are associated with the breed.

However, just as with any other breed, proper training and understanding are very necessary. Before adopting a dog of any kind, make sure you take the time to educate yourself and become familiar with the breed in question.

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